Ulster & Delaware Railroad Historical Society PRESERVATION PROJECTS

U&D Station, Roxbury, NYWe have a purchase option on the former U&D station at Roxbury, NY and we have the second half of the required funds, but not the first half: The O'Connor Foundation has offered a matching grant of $80,000.00 ($30,000 toward the purchase price of $60,000; and $50,000 toward anticipated restoration work of $100,000.00), if we can raise an equal amount from other sources. This beautifully preserved building is a hidden treasure - used for years as a feed warehouse, then as an auto body shop, it is almost entirely sheathed in a web of corrugated metal and garage doors, almost completely unrecognizable as a railroad station - but behind the camouflage, the original station structure is almost completely intact, down to the stained-glass window trim in the waiting room! Want to see for yourself? Check out our slide show!

NYO&W 8206At Arkville, the Society is currently restoring a wooden 4-wheel "bobber" caboose, originally NYO&W 8206, built in O&W's Middletown shops in 1906, and later sold to Unadilla Valley as their No. 51. As of fall, 1997, the exterior superstructure was substantially complete, and restoration of the interior, and of the underframe, springing, and other ironwork - most of which we have - is underway. Much of the work has been financed through a grant from the O&W Historical Society, and a matching grant from the Catskill Revitalization Corp., operators of the Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride; but substantial additional funds are required, and your tax-deductible donation to the "U&DRRHS -Bobber Fund", will be gratefully received.

ex-BEDT 14 at Arkville, NYAlso at Arkville, the Society owns former Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Porter 0-6-0T 14, built in 1920 for Mesta Machine Works of Homestead, Pa. and sold to BEDT through an equipment dealer in the 1930's. Substantial funds have been pledged for restoration of the engine to operation, and surveys are currently under way to update the estimates received when the engine was obtained several years ago.

With acquisition of the station option, we have put a temporary hold on our other structure project, but we nevertheless expect soon to commence construction at Arkville, on a structure adjoining the DURR's facilities, to provide display, work, and housing space for our equipment.

We are conducting a survey of U&D historical materials, to establish a central index of such materials wherever they are located.

U&D 630We are looking for photos of 630-632. Caboose 630, built in 1898, resides in the backyard of a member of the U&DRRHS. It has served as a children's playhouse since the New York Central abandoned its Kaaterskill Branch in 1940. The caboose was sold to a previous owner of the property around 1940. The present owner would like to restore it in an historically appropriate way,but there is very little information about the original appearance of the caboose. The Society has agreed to help find suitable trucks, wheels and other hardware as well as quality photographs. In return for the Society's assistance, the caboose will be made available for scheduled visits or tours by our Society and we will receive a right of first refusal if the caboose is ever disposed of.

The Society is also currently studying the costs and other factors involved in restoring the entire U&D to operation, ideally as part of a historic corridor recreating many aspects of 19th Century Catskill life and industry.

If you are interested in any of these activities of the U&D RRHS, you are encouraged to join.